At the age of three Maria Levochkina started out on figure skating lessons. At the age of six she started practicing choreography. Begining at the age of 11 Maria had been attending children’s choreographic school “Vesna” under the guidance of a Honored Artist of USSR, Gassieva Elena Nikolaevna, which she graduated from in 1990.

After graduating from high school in the same year, she entered and successfully completed Moscow Regional College of Culture and Arts, specializing in choreography (1990-1993).

Then, Maria entered and successfully completed Moscow State University of Culture and Arts(1993-1997) .


Since 2002, Maria has been teaching choreography and rhythmic in a kindergarten at Saint Nicholas Cathedral in Seattle.

In 2006 she founded a children’s choreographic group “Zhar-Ptitsa” (“Phoenix”) at Saint Nicholas Cathedral. The group’s main emphasis was on Russian folk dancing.

In 2009 she founded adult dancing group “Ivan-da-Mar’ya” and became its director and choreographer. The group studies and performs Russian folk dances, dances of nationalities of the former USSR, dances of other world countries, and modern dances. The group has been increasing its repertoire ever since and is well known in the Greater Seattle area.